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1984 RHODES Mark V Stage 73 Electronic KEYBOARD PIANO


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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Number of Keys: 73 Type: Keyboard Piano

Mark V Stage 73 (I II III)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Rhodes Mark V Stage 73

Sometimes you can't help but love living in Las Vegas and being surrounded by so many amazing artists.  Artists retire or move on and we all benefit from some of the amazing instruments that they pass on to others.  This Rhodes Mark V Stage 73 is the perfect example.

We can't tell you the artist's name but we can let you know that this has been a one-owner instrument which received minimal use and the finest of care by the owner.  After 32 years in service it still sounds and plays unbelievably well.  This Rhodes Mark V was produced in May of 1984.

We have uploaded a video showing the updates and playing/sound of this piano so please check the link below.  We have also posted some photos showing only PART of the process.  As the pics show, one of the biggest issues with this Mark V was a dust buildup inside.  But after three decades of use the hammers were only showing minimal wear and there was no rubber buildup on tone strike rods.

Before going further, allow us to say that this Rhodes plays beautifully and sounds amazing and is fully guaranteed to do so.  The tone is rich and full and the controls work perfectly without any scratchiness or cutting out.  The control pots didn't even need cleaning.

As you can see from the pics (and we'd love to post more but eBay limits us to 12) there were some serious dust bunnies living inside the cabinet.  We pulled it apart, cleaned the dust on all surfaces, cleaned the key pins, reconditioned the slightly grooved rubber hammer heads, modified the wood piano keys to eliminate the key-clacking that these units develop over time due to the hammer arms striking the internal wood keys (see video), adjusted the sound pickups and tone bars, and generally cleaned and conditioned the internal and external surfaces.